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During our peak season we employ 12-15 full and part-time staff. We are headquartered near the town of Sylvan Lake with a modern shop, comfortable office space and plenty of room for our trucks, equipment and supplies.

is Lakeview Contracting's General Manager and President.  Brian is usually found on jobsites assisting the crews, providing leadership in safety, production and quality control.

is the Mom component of what started out as a "Mom and Pop' operation.  Charlene has a banking and tax background and provides the leadership team and professionals with timely, accurate tracking  of activities and transactions.  Charlene is our office manager and a Director of the company.

Clayton (Clay) Engel is the founder and past President of Lakeview Contracting .  Clay is the creative and entrepreneurial member of the leadership team.  Clay's enthusiasm is tempered by his more pragmatic wife, Charlene, and son, Brian.










Brian, Charlene and Clayton together offer balanced growth and direction for Lakeview Contracting.

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